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RECEPTION of the new SIDUR from ATID

Last Friday we experienced one of the most exciting moments in the community.
Holding our siddur in your hands was like welcoming a new member of the family.
This book is full of messages, content and inspiration, like the words of Rabbi Heschel on the first page:
“To pray is to open a door, through which both God and the soul can enter.
To pray is to arrive, both for Him and for us.
To pray is to overcome the distance, to break the barriers, to straighten the crooked, to heal the rupture between God and the world.”
Rabbi Bloch, from the NBI Community of Santiago de Chile, makes us think when he says:
"The Siddur is never the Tefillah. There is only Tefillah when there is a person who strives to connect with the Sacred, with his people, with his history, with his people and with the Creator."
And our dear Rabbi Irene invites us to reflect that:
"The Siddur is a book of life that reminds us of the importance of the place we occupy in the universe and connects us with the rest of the Jewish community who have read, read and will read the same texts."

May this siddur accompany us in all the moments when the community comes together to pray together.
Have you already reserved one for yourself?

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