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Majané Joref

We have returned to real life after one of those Majanot that will remain in our memory forever. It was a very emotional Machane, in which the warmth of those who They surrounded us did not let us feel the cold of Montseny.

A Machane we will remember the beautiful moments with our Kvutzá, with our friends and with our Madrijim. A Machane of which we will remember everything we learned about Hanukkah, about Israel, and about the Jewish traditions. Four days in which we have learned to live together, to take care of us, and we have had the opportunity to live our Judaism with the Kabbalat Shabbat, Magical Tefilot in the forest, Havdalah ... A Machane full of innovation, new activities, and in which the Janijim and Janijot have given everything to make the Majené Joref 2017 was really magical.

Thank you very much to each and every one of the Janijim who came, thanks to the Madrijim for putting so much love and affection, and Bitajón for taking care of us and making the Machane develop without any type of inconvenience.

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