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Why this world

Why this world. A biography of Clarice Lispector, by Benjamin Moser (Siruela, 2017) (Translated by Cristina Sánchez-Andrade)

Finally the readers of Clarice Lispector can read the already famous biography of Benjamin Moser: Why this world (Siruela, 2917). It is a very elaborate, original work and a great sensitivity to what must remain in silence and what must be said ... After years of research on three continents, compiling unpublished manuscripts and dozens of interviews, Moser demonstrates that the development of Lispector as a writer was directly related to the history of her turbulent life. The play tells how this precocious girl, through a long exile and difficult personal struggles, matured as a writer. No doubt this is a fantastic book about a Jewish heroine whose family lived one of the darkest episodes in the history of Europe.

For her originality and freedom in writing, Clarice Lispector is one of the most emblematic and enigmatic authors of the twentieth century. She was born with the name Jaya Pinjasovna Lispector on December 10, 1920, in Chechelnik, Ukraine, and was the third daughter of Pinjas and Mania Lispector. When they arrived in Brazil, they all took Portuguese names: Pinjas became Pedro, Mania in Marieta, and Jaya received the new name of Clarice.

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To read a fragment click on the link: Por_que_este_Mundo.pdf

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