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Kabbalat Shabbat

We celebrate the communal Kabbalah Shabbat every Friday.

In Atid's services and tefilah, the use of traditional Ashkenazi nusaj dressed in Mediterranean and Oriental sefardies shades results in a very special tefilah that undoubtedly reflects the variety of members of our synagogue. Hebrew is used in all services, but sidurim is also provided with translated and transliterated texts to ensure that all attendees can follow the tefillah without problem.

Atid is an egalitarian congregation in which men and women have the same rights and the same obligations. We meet every Friday, as well as some Shabbat mornings. In addition, we offer all the services of the parties and the High Holidays and educational and training programs related to tefila and jazanut throughout the year.

* All contributions to the table of the kidush are grateful but remember that our community is jalabí / parve (it does not match meat).

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We are a Jewish community born in Barcelona in 1992

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