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Bar/Bat/Jag Mitzva Course

Starting in January we will start the new Bar/Bat/Jag Mitzvah courses. The classes will be face-to-face and one or two groups will be formed, depending on the time availability of the students. For one hour a week, for a period of one or two years (depending on the level of Hebrew of the students) the boys and girls will learn to read their aliyah and/or the haftarah, with the corresponding cantillation, to read the brachot in Hebrew, and to direct part of the service. In addition to language skills, they will learn the importance of reaching Jewish adulthood, what it means to the community, and what it means to them, culminating in the writing of their drash.

From Atid we believe that it is important that boys and girls learn the importance to belong to the community, so we will encourage them to create a study group and of learning that includes families with monthly meetings where they share the such a special moment that their sons and daughters are living. More information:

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