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Hila Blum, How to love your daughter

At Atid we are extremely pleased to announce the latest translation made by Marta Castillón from Hebrew to Catalan. This novel by the writer Hila Blum was awarded the Sapir award.

Hila Blum is a prominent author in the Israeli literary scene, recognized for her unique style and deep narratives that explore themes of identity, history, and human relationships. Her work has been acclaimed both nationally and internationally, and we are excited to be able to present her work in Catalan thanks to the skill and dedication of our talented translator, Marta Castillón.

The novel in question is a masterpiece that has captivated readers around the world. In it, Blum weaves a complex and exciting plot that unfolds in the context of contemporary Israeli society. His deep and complex characters face moral dilemmas and existential challenges that resonate with the universal human experience.

Marta Castillón, recognized for her skill in literary translation, has managed to capture the essence of Hila Blum's prose, faithfully transmitting the richness of her language and the depth of her narrative. His meticulous work and his love for literature are reflected in each page of this translation, which we are sure will delight Catalan readers.

We invite you to discover this exciting novel and immerse yourself in the narrative mastery of Hila Blum through the talented translation of Marta Castillón. We are sure that this work will leave a lasting mark on the minds and hearts of those who read it. Enjoy this new gem of literature in Catalan!

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