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Saturday 25 thre's not Peulá

Saturday 25 thre's not Peulá

On Saturday the 25th, there is NO Peulá! The Madrijim and Madrijot will go all weekend to prepare the historic Machane, which is only 2 weeks away, from December 6th to 9th! You have not signed up yet? Do not wait any longer!

The group of young people of Netzer we meet in ATID every Saturday, and of course, we invite you to come so you can see what we do and to participate in our activities

It is very important to raise funds for the Majané and for Netzer, and be able to do more activities! Therefore, we ask for help to collect.

Bring us clothes, toys, books and things you do not use, even electronics! As long as it is in good condition. Can you help us? You can also tell your friends, if they have things they do not use! Thank you in advance.

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