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Parashat Shmini

Leviticus 9-11

On the eighth day the Tabernacle is consecrated. Why on the eighth day? In bMegillah 10b we read that since there are seven days of Creation, the eighth day not only indicates that a new cycle begins, but it is also a day of joy and celebration. But also the eighth is a day in which the reality of everyday life begins, in which the apprenticeship period has already ended and the priests and others in charge of the Temple worship should put into practice what they have learned. and like everyone starting something new, they make mistakes, some of which will cost them their lives, as is the case with the sons of Aaron: Nadab and Abihu.

In bSanhedrin 52a it is explained that Nadab and Abihu were consumed from within leaving their bodies intact. On the other hand, commentators believe that the death of the sons of Aaron is due to many and varied reasons among which stand out: the excessive ambition, an exacerbated individualism, or an excess of piety. Seems It could be that the mistake they made was not the cause of their death, but their selfish and pride that came to consume their souls. Thus, on the eighth day, which is supposed to Overjoyed and overjoyed, Aaron suffers a grave loss that will leave him speechless.

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