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Parashat Yitro

Exodus 18-20

There is nothing like taking distance to be able to better analyze a situation. Like so many other leaders, Moshe is a man with an exacerbated sense of responsibility. So much so that he doesn't even seem to remember that in his flight to Egypt towards the Promised Land he has left behind… his wife and children! Fortunately, Yitro, his father-in-law, brings his family back to him. How is it possible that Moshe, such a responsible man, "abandoned" his family? Moshe is a leader overwhelmed by circumstances and by his responsibility to the people. So much so, that someone like Yitro, a wise man with more experience, is needed to advise him to delegate, otherwise he will burn.

In any organization, it is necessary not only for the leader to trust others to delegate, but also for volunteers to take responsibility. One is just as important as the other. So this week, after Tu B'Shvat, which invited us to reflect on how we want to grow, where we want to put down roots, what fruits we want to bear, or what seeds to plant, we invite you to think... what would you like to volunteer in your community?

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