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Everyone went to war

When the Nazis came to power and later, after the annexation of Austria to Germany, there were many Jews - and also non-Jews - who fled to take refuge and settle in France.

However, after the war was declared, the French authorities considered these Austrian and German refugees as foreigners and potential enemies, which is why they were detained and confined in internment and labor camps until their innocence was proven.

The novel 'All marched to the war' by David Vogel, deals precisely with this tragic episode that he himself experienced. It is, then, an autobiographical novel, written at the beginning of 1940 and published posthumously.

David Vogel, born in Ukraine in 1891, settled in Vienna in 1912 and in 1922 obtained Austrian nationality. In 1929 he settled in Paris, where he was arrested and imprisoned in 1932 for being an Austrian citizen. Years later, once released, he was arrested by the Nazis and deported to Auschwitz, where he was assassinated in 1944.

This excellent novel, written in Hebrew at the beginning of 1940, has been translated by Rhoda Henelde and Jacob Abecasís, and published by the Xordica publishing house.

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