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With the increase of the Jewish population in Spain (from 1976 through the 90’s) a group of young adults, including locals and immigrants from South America, decided to create a non-Orthodox synagogue. This is how Congregation ATID ("future" in Hebrew) was established in 1992, to promote Jewish life and its cultural, educational, social and religious values and to project in the local society. We are an inclusive congregation, welcoming those who explore returning to their Jewish roots.

ATID started as a progressive congregation with a membership of 80 persons and has moved twice to accommodate to the growing membership. We rent two commercial floors in a residential building in a very accessible neighborhood in town.

With our recent move to the Conservative movement, there are now five congregations of that line in Spain.

In the previous years were were honored by the leadership of:
Rabbi Roberto Feldman; Rabbi Edgard Noff; Rabbi Rubén Sternschein; Rabbi Ariel Edery; Rabbi Gabriel Mazer;Rabbi Roly Zylberstein; seminarist Tamara Schagas (ordained 2015); seminarist Haim Casas (ordained 2017).

With our recent move, there are now five Conservative congregations in Spain.

We are very happy that Rabbi Stephen Berkowitz is currently working with us twice a month.

In the previous years were were honored by the leadership of Rabbis:

Rabbi Roberto Feldman

Rabbi Edgard Noff

Rabbi Rubén Sternschein

Rabbi Ariel Edery

Rabbi Gabriel Mazer

Rabbi Roly Zylberstein

Rabbi Tamara Schagas

Rabbi Haim Casas  

Rabino Stephen Berkowitz

Rabina Irene Muzas

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We are a Jewish community born in Barcelona in 1992

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