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Born in Barcelona (1974), Rabbi Irene Muzás Calpe holds a degree in English Philology with postgraduate studies in English Literature at the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona). While teaching English as a foreign language, she also studied Classical Philology at the UB (University of Barcelona) and East Asian Culture and Society at the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya).
After her conversion and return to Judaism, she decided to strengthen her commitment to the Jewish community, training as a rabbi in order to transmit her passion for the Jewish heritage she had recovered. She attended rabbinical studies at the Masorti rabbinical seminary Zacharias Frankel College in Berlin-Potsdam, and as part of her studies she took Jüdische Theologie (B.A. and M.A.) at the University of Potsdam, where she received a distinction at the end of her Bachelor's and Master's studies for being one of the best of the graduating class of the Faculty of Philosophy. In addition, as part of her studies she spent a year at the Conservative Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where she attended classes in Midrash, Talmud, Hebrew and Halacha.
On October 23, 2022, she was ordained rabbi in a ceremony held in Potsdam. Since November 1, 2022 she has been working full time as a rabbi in ATID, the Masorti community of Catalonia, where she brought several notebooks under her arm with ideas to grow the community. Her main ambition is to bring the Torah closer to the community, trying to make people understand that the Torah, or the teaching of the Jewish tradition in general, is as much a part of the Jewish people as the Jewish people is a part of it.

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