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Tree of Life (Donate)

Comunitat Jueva ATID de Catalunya (Masorti Synagogue in Barcelona) offers, since 1992, an opportunity for the growth of Judaism in Spain. As a minority group living in a Catholic society, ATID fulfills a need for Jews from all around the world, by providing a place of prayer, gathering and returning to our Jewish heritage. Our synagogue functions in rented space where Sephardi & Ashkenazi family members, as well as visitors from around the world, participate in the religious, social and cultural activities.

To ensure our Jewish Community continuity, we have designed a Tree of Life where each leaf, rock or branch will represent a donor friend. “Her ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths, peaceful. She is a Tree of Life to those who grasp her, and whoever holds on to her is happy.
(Proverbs 3:17-18)

We sincerely thank friends who had visited from around the world and are already part of our TREE OF LIFE. Their strong involvement enables us to continue growing as an active Synagogue and Community Center, providing for what our members need and deserve.

Congregation ATID celebrated its Silver Anniversary in 2017, a benchmark that we could reach thanks to contributions to our various community projects. It will be an honor for us in ATID if you choose to be part of our extended kehila by joining us so that our Tree of Life and our community keep flourishing. Funds will be applied to the different areas and activities that are described in this section, according to the needs at each time. Additional information is available upon request.

Do let us know if you wish to assign your donation to any give n project. Suggested donations and payment details can be found in the attached form.

We are all connected through the Tree of Life, symbolizing Jewish life around the world.

Tzedakah, that has always been part of Jewish life, is a lasting legacy.

Our community is maintained thanks to the contribution of our members and the visitors and friends who support our projects.

All funds are listed below. You can select which you want to donate to.


We are a Jewish community born in Barcelona in 1992

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